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Cleaning Scratched DVD Discs Or Disks

Check the electrical cord and replace it if necessary; remove the housing and test the fuse; test the on-off switch and replace it if needed. Check that the disk is free of damage and scratches. Also read: Best Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphone Deals Reviewed A Blank DVD Disk: Make sure to use a good

Cleaning A Smooth Top Stove

The gunk was pretty badly caked on, so I used the scrubbing pad and stove top cleaner to get things off. 3. Use a vinegar solution or an Angry Mama to clean your microwave (no scrubbing required). Cracks and spaces between tiles do not have to be checked if the cleaning solution reaches into them.

Clever Vinegar Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know Now

To be consistent, they measured out exactly 2 square meters (3 feet by 6 feet) in the two rooms and then vacuumed that entire area for precisely 5 minutes each using a single dust collection canister. Quite often the rooms that don’t get any sun inside a home will develop a musty smell which is